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Welcome to Americas #1 Trusted Oil Website

Largest and most knowledgeable AMSOIL Group in the U.S. and Canada led by the only AMSOIL Regency Platinum 7 Star Direct Jobber in the Organization who is also a former Ford Motor Company Senior Powertrain and Chassis Engineer. We also have a General Motors Engineer in our Group and will utilize our collective expertise and experience in order to provide you with the most up to date product and technical recommendations and we will accurately answer all your detailed vehicle related questions.

Fuel Prices are Sky High

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Saves You Money- An average of $417-$497 Saved Per Year.

By our Truck/Automotive Engineer -Lubrication Specialist.

With fuel prices hovering around $4.00 per gallon nationwide consumers are searching for methods to save money without a major investment in a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle. The major oil companies are pulling in huge profits, yet I have not seen them aggressively promoting synthetic oil and the major fuel economy savings that it can provide. AMSOIL has 35 years experience of producing the world`s finest PAO based synthetic motor oil and has countless testimonials and documented tests that show fuel savings of 3-5% up to 8-10%, or more in some cases.

Some people say AMSOIL is expensive. I say it`s FREE!

Here`s why: Say you pay $34.95 to get your oil changed every 3000 miles. That`s 8 oil changes to travel 24,000 miles at a cost of $279.60, not including your time, for 8 trips to the quick lube. If you change it yourself at a cost of $25.00 per change for the oil/filter then your total cost is $200.00. These are typical average costs people pay for quick lube and do it yourself oil changes nationwide.

Now, do it yourself using AMSOIL`s 5W-30 or 10W-30 25,000 mile/1-year oil at a retail cost of $7.70 per quart times 8 quarts (enough oil for the initial change, and enough to add as it is used during the course of the 25,000 miles) plus one AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency 25,000 mile/1-year oil filter at a cost of $15.00. Your total cost is $61.60 for oil plus $15.00 for the filter = $76.60.

AMSOIL saves you $203.00 over the quick lube cost and $123.40 over the do- it-yourself cost on the oil and filter change alone. Additionally, if you drive 25,000 miles per year and get an average of 17 MPG you would use 1470 gallons of fuel per year. With an average conservative estimate of 5% fuel economy improvement with AMSOIL you would now only use 1396.50 gallons of fuel per year, which saves you 73.50 gallons of fuel per year times $4.00 per gallon = $294.00 fuel savings.

With AMSOIL, your total savings now increase to $497.00 over the quick lube cost and $417.40 over the do-it-yourself cost. Therefore AMSOIL pays for itself and saves you time as well as reduces engine wear and increases the longevity of your engine and powertrain. If you change your transmission and differentials to AMSOIL your savings can increase even more.

This is real money that you can use to help you defray the high cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance. At $4.00 per gallon saving almost $500.00 per year (per vehicle) is like getting 125 gallons of free fuel per year for each of your personal, family or company vehicles. As the cost of fuel increases beyond $4.00 per gallon, which it will eventually, your savings with AMSOIL will increase even more. Even if you don`t drive 25,000 miles in a year and do less than 8 oil changes per year, you are still saving money. If you become Preferred Customer or Dealer you save even more money by purchasing AMSOIL at wholesale prices (prices used in these calculations are retail prices). This generally will save you an additional approximately 25% or more off the cost of the oil and filters.